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Hi there,


I am a developer who has been trying to migrate existing *subscribing* customers over to Shopify (from Woocommerce + Autopship), for one of the storefronts I'm building.

To do so, I followed this tutorial on how to migrate customer information: https://shopify.dev/docs/apps/selling-strategies/subscriptions/migrate/customers#step-3-create-new-p...

I got to the point where I successfully imported customers and created their payment methods, using the graphQL queries described in the tutorial.

Then, I wanted to use the recently released & native "Subscriptions" app to manage subscriptions (or "contracts" as they call it), and use their "import" feature to upload a CSV file and let it create subscriptions from payment method IDs, line variant IDs, etc.

Upon doing a lot of trial and error, I thought I came to a point where I was happy with the format of my CSV file. I fixed all errors that came my way, that I thought were not so explicit but manageable. But now, I'm stuck where it parses my CSV file ok, does some stuffs in the background (a progress bar appeared), then... this.
An error message states that "There are formatting errors in your CSV file. A full error log was sent to -. To import contracts, fix any errors in the CSV and try importing again."

Subscriptions error.png



But I never received any email, even after trying a few times on other email addresses (mine is a `@gmail.com` right now). Do you know what I should be doing to unlock my situation? This is a very annoying situation to be in right now, after a few days spent on debugging / formatting my CSV file, and I don't know where else to turn.


Thanks for your help!


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Hi @jeremy_userkind 
I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with importing your CSV file into Shopify's Subscriptions app.

I'd need to investigate this more thoroughly before I can provide you with a solution and also find out why you are not receiving an email with the error message. To assist you further, I would need the Shop ID for your store and a sample CSV file you are trying to import. I will DM you for the details.

Thank you,

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