Delivery everyday for a week or month - Any subscription apis or alternate method

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Hi Folks! I am running a subscription-based homestyle food delivery business and my subscription plans are One time, Weekly and Monthly delivery model that offers local delivery basis the customer selects start date. We deliver only on weekdays so I have 2 questions - 


1)The subscription plan that Shopify and other apps offer is - delivery every week and save X%, delivery every 4 weeks and save X%. But my requirement is - to deliver every day for a week and save X%, deliver every day for a month and save Y%. How can I do that?


2) I have managed to install a date picker for the start date. But how do I calculate the accurate weekday and capture end date in Shopify and populate is to the customer.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
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Hey ShrutiS,

To model your subscription plans (every weekday for a week, and every weekday for a month), I would recommend you leverage our SellingPlanAnchor dates, ideally through the subscription app you've installed, or through our Subscriptions API if the app doesn't expose anchor dates.

For the selling plan's delivery policy, you would provide a list of anchor dates, one for each of the 5 work days of the week, all with a type of WEEKDAY.
For the selling plan's billing policy, you would set the interval to 'week' and the intervalCount to 1 (weekly) or 4 (~monthly).

I don't think it is currently possible to delay the start of a subscription from the moment it is purchased by your customer.

Hope this helps.


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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hello there  


  1. To set up subscription plans that deliver every day for a week or month and offer savings, you can use an app that supports customized delivery schedules. For example, ReCharge Payments allows you to set up custom schedules that deliver on specific weekdays or date ranges. You can set up multiple plans for your different delivery models, and offer discounts for longer-term subscriptions.

  2. To calculate the accurate weekday and capture end date in Shopify, you can use the Shopify API to create a custom app or use an existing app that offers date and time calculations. For example, Moment.js is a popular JavaScript library for working with dates and times that can help you accurately calculate weekdays and date ranges. Once you have calculated the end date, you can use the Shopify API to store and display it in your customer's subscription details. You may also consider working with a Shopify expert or developer who can help you set up the date and time calculations and integrate them with your subscription plans.