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I have set up a development store and an app which I have installed on the store. Next I have scaffolded a Subscription UI extension but when I run "npm run dev" and I click on the preview link I see the product Page with a developer console opened with the following text: "Developer Console Is not connected. Please execute 'shopify run dev'".


I was confused about It. The command and ngrok Is running correctly but developer console Is not connected and I do not see subscription card in product Page. There are no errors of any kind.


Please, help me if you have encountered the same problem.


Schermata 2022-07-11 alle 14.37.18.png


Schermata 2022-07-11 alle 14.37.39.png


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Hi @glyphsight 
Pedro here from Shopify. First of all, apologies for the inconveniences that might have caused.
The issue you are experiencing seem to be related to this other issue that got already reported by some users. We fixed it a few days ago and did a hot-fix release, 3.3.2 with it. Do you mind updating to that version and trying again? You can update the CLI dependencies by running:

npm run shopify upgrade


Please, let me know if that solves the issue. Otherwise I'll investigate it further.

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