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hello everyone, there is a need to add the ability to give the application without a subscription, now the flow is built that when the app is first loaded, a subscription form appears and after payment the application functionality appears, but it is also necessary to make it possible to give the application for free, is there any functionality from the Shopify itself for this or ideas for solutions ?

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Hi Denys Slipko,

If I understand your situation correctly, you are inquiring about the subscription merchant pay you to use your app, and would also like to offer a "free plan" option along side the paid ones. (We definitively have apps that do so)

There are several things called subscriptions in Shopify, and this is a support forum for apps helping merchant offer their products to their customers as subscriptions.

Your question may be better asked in the Shopify API and SDKs channel, and despite not addressing the "free forever" scenario, there may be things to be learned in the App Billing free trial/free for testing documentation?

Hope this helps!


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