Editing Subscription Orders

Editing Subscription Orders

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I am set up with Shopify Subscriptions via Appstle and I'm surprised to see that editing scheduled orders, whether changing the product or changing future fulfillment dates, is not possible. Having run a subscription box on cratejoy for 7 years or so, these two functions are really key to managing things, as people are always asking to delay shipments or update what product they're subscribed to. When someone gifts a 12 month subscription and then the recipient wants to change to a different variant a month in, it seems like my only option is deleting their subscription and just doing it manually with a spreadsheet? Anyone have any solutions for this sort of issue? Will this be possible once the ability to do draft orders for subscriptions is rolled out?

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I don't know about changing the product variant but you are able to change the fulfillment dates via GQL queries. 




If you're interested, customers can skip (/ push back) upcoming fulfillment dates for prepaid orders with our app : ) 


I'd be happy to run you through some of our features



Brian Singer
CTO & Cofounder of Subscription Service - Awtomic