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We have a Plus merchant who ran a large preorder campaign (35,000 orders) with the help of Fixed Selling Plans.


They took a small deposit up front and the rest of the payment was deferred, for all the orders.


Inexplicably, about 300 of those 35,000 orders ended up being 'Authorized' for payment, and holds being put on customer cards prematurely, with no action on the part of the merchant. 


While it is possible to use the API to authorize orders, our app does not do so, so we've ruled out other things in the system erroneously authorizing these orders. The merchant has also ruled out any automation on their end. In the Shopify admin as far as I know it is not possible to authorize a deferred payment order manually, so that is ruled out as well.


I couldn't get answers through other channels, so asking the experts. Could someone look into these orders and give us some clarity on why or at least what conditions led to them being authorized? 


A few examples of affected orders below. Please contact me for the full list.








Thank you!


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Hi DenisZ,


You will need to connect with our support team to investigate specific orders, however, there are a few things you could investigate that might have caused this issue:

  1. There could be some issue with the payment gateway. Some payment gateways might have different settings for handling and might have attempted to authorize the payment prematurely.

  2. If the merchant is using any third-party apps, there might be a chance that those apps are causing the issue.

To dive into this matter thoroughly, it would be best to contact our Shopify Support team directly here as they have access to the merchant's data and can provide a more accurate answer.


Hope this helps!

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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