Fixed selling plans: Returned products still show up with payment due

Fixed selling plans: Returned products still show up with payment due

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Hey folks, having a big issue here with returns on orders and how the vaulted card does not update to the new total amount to be collexted after some partially paid products have been returned. 

One of our merchants is offering trials for their products, where there is a try on fee and then the rest is due if the item is kept. 

The goal is that a customer would order a couple of different products to try on and then keep what they like and return the rest and only pay for what they kept using the order status page.

Unfortunately after the customer returns some of the products, the amount that can be collected from the card on file is still the original amount, instead of the new balance without those returned products. I think this is a bug since the subtotal does actually update to 0$ but the vaulted card ignores this?

Here's an example test order:

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 2.55.25 PM.png

In this example, I'd expect the remaining balance to be just the shipping and taxes since they are always deferred, not the full remaining balance as if the couch wasn't returned.

Happy to send more details/a video once someone gets this message.

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Hello @diana_birsan,


Can you share the product that you built? We can find its data with a link to the product, but if you can share the billing policy on the selling plan, that will also speed things up.

Chase Dougherty