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I had a Shopify account which I didn’t use and I wasn’t aware that I hadn’t cancelled my account before of this I was hit with a €100 charge which I paid because it was my mistake and then cancelled my account well I thought I did and received an invoice for €400 this morning which I can’t afford to pay. Can you look at the issue and retract the invoice 

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Shopify Staff
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Hello @Eoin6988 ,


Thank you for reaching out. Can you clarify what do you mean by invoice?


If you are referring to a Shopify invoice for your Shopify Subscriptions, it is best to contact our Support team as this section of the community is use to discuss about the Subscription API.

If you are talking about a Subscriptions you had on a store, please contact the store owner to help you out with that Subscriptions.


Don't hesitate to clarify if I did not understand correctly your question.