Grandfathered subscriptions stopped charging Taxes

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This seems like a recent change?

 A Subscription contract has the ‘taxable’ attribute for each line item, although we are not pulling it to our system and it’s not something that can be changed. When I changed the product taxable setting, without touching the Subscription Contract, not even touching our system, the ‘taxable’ setting was reflected in a subscriptionContract on the Shopify side. I would assume, that similar to other attributes this just reflects whatever is set in the product itself. So I’m a little bit surprised that it used some cached settings to something that could not be changed, other than replacing the product with exactly the same product. To me, this sounds like something that has been fixed recently because tax settings were not reflected in Subscription contracts. 


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Hello Etra,

you are right, subscription contracts have their taxable status updated for the next billing date whenever a product taxable state is edited to ensure the subscriptions comply with changed tax laws.

The change was added sometime last year.



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