I am wondering about the Apps I install

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I was wondering about the apps I install on my website. I don't know if I am looking more into this than I should. However, I was wondering if when it says, for instance, that the apps have the ability to Manage Products which would include: products, inventory, product listings, and collections.

Does this mean what is implied? That they can override whatever I want to be done or anything else for that nature. Can they come in and change things, make rules befitting of them, have somewhat control of what my company does, etc?

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Hi InMyDadsName,

In principle, a subscriptions application has the permission to manage things about your product other than configuration subscriptions on your behalf. In practice, if an app were to make such changes without your guidance, it would not last long in the app store.

When a subscriptions application saves the subscriptions you configure in Shopify for use in your online store, it need permission to manage products so that the subscriptions (selling plans) can be attached to products per your direction.

I hope this brings some comfort.

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