I've developed a Shopify App using the App Subscriptions model - how to test Subscription payment?

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I've created a Shopify App using the "App Subscriptions" model. Based on the "Testing your app’s billing system" documentation I found, you can send a "test": true property into the charge request to have it treat the request as a test. I am able to use the API to create a recurring application charge. When I navigate to the confirmation URL, I want to be able to test payment. I thought I could do so if test mode on Shopify payments is on and I use the card numbers from here but the card numbers keep getting declined.

What I've tried:

Created a test store.
Enabled Bogus payment and tested using the credit card numbers. 

Enabled Shopify Payments turned on "test" and used the credit card numbers.




Is there any way for me to test this? 

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Hello @bucklit 


The steps to successfully make a billing attempt are the following:

1. Create a development store

2. Enable Shopify Payments is enabled in test mode

3. Purchase a subscription product as a customer through the checkout

4.  Create a billing attempt with the same api client that created the subscription


hope this helps!

Chase Dougherty