Is it possible to find the product associated with specific contracts?

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Im working with the subscription API and I want to use the Graph QL admin API to query subscription contracts but I want to pull in the products/variants that are associated with specific subscription contracts.

My understanding is that products/variants are only associated with selling plan groups and not selling plans but is there any way to get the specific relationship data that I'm looking for?



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Hey Cavin, great question.
Investigating our API, it looks like you are correct that there is no direct connection between a subscription contract and it's variants. The best you can do is pull all the product / variant ids for a contract:

query subsContract($subscriptionContractId: ID!) {
    id: $subscriptionContractId
  ) {
    lines(first: 250) {
      edges {
        node {

 And then on the client side you can iteratively pull the product & variants with the response.
I'd love to have some context about how you are pulling contract ids, and why you need the product / variant data. Then I could document this potential use case with our team.

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