Re: Is it possible to get subscription contracts made by other apps?

Is it possible to get subscription contracts made by other apps?

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Hi there! 🙂 Our app provides reports/tools based off subscription data, eg. MRR, email automation for subscriptions, etc. (more info here -

Is it possible to use the new subscription APIs to get subscription contacts (read only) that were made by other apps like Recharge/Bold? So we can use them for reporting purposes for the Merchant?

Thank you!

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I've contacted shopify support about this multiple times and unfortunately you cannot. You can only see subscriptions that your app has created.

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I had the same experience as @eat_to_evolve , Support declined my request.  I had seen a few references in docs to the scope READ_ALL_SUBSCRIPTION_CONTRACTS (versus READ_OWN_SUBSCRIPTION_CONTRACTS) , but they aren't granting it to anyone right now.

We ended up using Bold's Subscription V2 API to read their equivalent of subscription contracts and re-creating them as new Shopify Subscription Contracts under our own app.



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Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

@Shopify, this would be an incredible addition and make the subscription APIs significantly more useful for apps like mine that want to provide analytics/tools for the subscription data. Even if it requires a manual review, please consider adding this scope so we can provide more value to merchants on Shopify.

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Here's a simple use case. With the old subscriptions, I had customers tagged as active vs inactive so I could customize my theme. Bold Subscriptions does the tagging for me. Now if I switch to the new version of subscriptions via Shopify checkout, Bold no longer supports tagging.


I know some subscription apps do support tagging for subscriptions they created, but there is a mess of new subscription apps on the market with inconsistent features, not all of them do tagging. I'd like to have a tagging app I use (Mechanic) do the tagging regardless of which app created the subscription.