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I’m trying to cancel and de activate my subscription with shopify, but it is super frustrating. I’ve gotten charge 3 or 4 times now for the amount of $58.90 each month. I don’t even use it, and haven’t since I first signed up for the 3 month $1 per month deal. I was also under the impression it would be $20 every month after the 3 months, but right away I got charged $58.90. On top of this I’ve tried to login and can’t and when I try to reset my password, it says a link is sent but it never is. Pleas I just want it canceled and if I could get some of my money refunded that would be great. @Shopify 

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You'd need to reach out to Shopify's support team directly for help with this, if you're not receiving the emails and/or want to request a refund:


With regards to not receiving the emails, I'd double-check the email address that you have set in both the store settings (admin > settings > store details) as well as your staff account (admin > settings > users and permissions > click the name of the 'store owner'). The email would be sent to one of those two emails -- if they're different, then check them both. 

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