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i'm attempting to use customerPaymentMethodRemoteCreate with stripe, but in test mode while in development. 


my store is eligibleForSubscriptions and eligibleForSubscriptionMigration. I've successfully charged against stripe as my primary payment gateway, and I can setup subscriptions, but i can not add a remote payment method using a test customer and card in stripe -- the customerPaymentMethodRemoteCreate returns (async) a revoke reason of "STRIPE_API_INVALID_REQUEST_ERROR". 


I have been able to add a real credit card from my stripe account through the customerPaymentMethodRemoteCreate mutation -- but I can't develop against real credit cards. 


Further testing --- When i enable legacy_subscription from "migrating from stripe", my primary gateway (also stripe) is taken out of test mode. If i enable test mode again, my legacy_subscription connection to stripe is removed from the shopify admin payments page. I feel like i'm running in circles. 


Is it possible to setup subscriptions, or more specifically "remote payment methods" on a dev store against a stripe account in test_mode with Test orders? 

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Thanks for bring this to our attention. Have you tried going to Stripe directly and adding the payment method manually? Just to test the possibility that there's something at the Stripe end.

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I have successfully created charges in stripe, both in test and in production mode, from this store via Shopify Checkout. 


And I can do real credit cards via customerPaymentMethodRemoteCreate, but not my test cards when i have subscriptions legacy enabled.