Looking for subscription app with specific features

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Hi, we are looking for subscription app with specific features for our physical product.


1. free subscription offer for a month or two

  - customers will be charged after free trial ends. they can cancel subscription before that.


2. various discount rates by quantity per month

  - cheaper price if they subscribe for more quantity per month.


3. free subscription coupon

4. long term subscription discount (prepaid, cant cancel)


1 and 2 is mandatory, 3 and 4 is optional.


Let us know if features above are just not possible...


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Hi @apac - we can definitely help you out here. Awtomic Subscriptions covers your needs (and more) and I think will be a pretty good fit for you:


1. We've got a feature we call Dynamic Discounts that will let you accomplish this. 

2. You can set as many different rates on as many frequencies as you'd like with Awtomic.

3. Unless I'm misunderstanding, this sounds like a very simple discount code but happy to discuss it further

4. We've got the best prepaid solution on the app store. We'd love to explain why : )


I'll DM you to set up a time to talk and demo the platform

Brian Singer
CTO & Cofounder of Subscription Service - Awtomic
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2. We want to let customers choose any quantity per delivery, not just frequency.


Thanks, I will check your app!