Meaning of "Subscription Cancel"

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I'm an app developer, and working now on recurring subscriptions for my app.

But i'm stuck with proper understanding of "subscription cancel" term.

What will be changed in user flow?

Lets say user installed app and paid for a monthly subscription on 5th.
Then, on 20th he decided to cancel subscription.

Question: Can he still use app until 5th ? (probably yes, as he paid for it)

- If yes, than in case app was uninstalled, and as documentation says, subscription
canceled, it means we do not delete subscription, it is still available until days paid?
- Therefore if app installed again before subscription expired, it is still available.
And user can see that he still has subscription.

Please clarify for me above scenario.

Thanks in advance,

Erik Nguita





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I need a bit more context to understand your question:

Can you point me out where you are reading this "subscription cancel" term?

Also, are you developing a subscription app, where merchants will be able to offer subscription purchases to their buyers, or the recurring payment a merchant makes to use your app?

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