Migrating subscriptions from Recharge to Shopify Subscription

Migrating subscriptions from Recharge to Shopify Subscription

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Hello, I have a Shopify website using Recharge. I want to switch to Shopify Subscription.


So I exported a .csv file from Recharge API matching Shopify fields. It works if I import a .csv with only Recharge formatted info.


BUT, in my .csv file, I also have stripe formatted info for some clients because Recharge seems to use Stripe behind the scene sometimes.

So, some clients have usable Recharge customer_id and customer_payment_method_id fields (which are regular strings of numbers) AND some, coming from Stripe have customer_id field starting with cuz_XXXXX and customer_payment_method_id with pm_XXXXX. If you look at the Stripe API it's the format you get.


For now I installed Stripe as a secondary payment gateway…I tried to mutate a contract of a former Recharge/stripe client with the GraphQL SUBSCRIPTION_CONTRACT_ATOMIC_CREATE…but it rejects my 

paymentMethodId: "pm_1PRqaLVXXXXXXXX"… because he wants a string of numbers… would have been to easy 🙂

Does someone knows how to migrate those clients given be Recharge but with Stripe info to Shopify Subscription  ?


Thanks for your previous help !


PS: you will find attached an example of my .csv file


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