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Migrating subscriptions from squarespace to shopify

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Hello, I have a squarespace website that takes subscription payments through the stripe API. Is it possible to migrate to shopify and keep the recurring payments intact? I've looked around but wasn't able to understand 1- if it was possible and 2- if it was, what was the best way to proceed. Does anyone have any advice here?

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Hey Alina, 


It is possible to migrate existing contracts from Stripe API. You can follow the `Migrating from Stripe` section: to create subscriptions contracts. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Thanks and there is no risk of loosing information / subscriptions in the process?

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hello there!


Yes, it is possible to migrate your subscription payments from Stripe on Squarespace to Shopify and keep the recurring payments intact.

Here are the general steps you can follow:

  1. Export your subscription data from Squarespace, which should include customer information, payment history, and subscription details. You can export this data using the Squarespace API or export tools provided by Squarespace.

  2. Import the subscription data into Shopify using the Shopify API or using CSV files. This will ensure that your subscription data is correctly mapped to the corresponding Shopify fields.

  3. Install a subscription app on Shopify that supports Stripe as a payment gateway, such as ReCharge Payments. Configure the app to use Stripe as the payment gateway for your subscription plans.

  4. Once you have set up your subscription plans, notify your customers of the migration and provide them with the new subscription details, such as the new payment gateway and payment schedule.


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I'm afraid this won't work, you cannot import subscriptions without subscription app installation and even though you have an app installed all subscriptions need to be migrated via app, because each app can have access to its own subscriptions only.

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