Multi-currency *Bug* when subscription has Pricing Policy with a change after X cycles

Multi-currency *Bug* when subscription has Pricing Policy with a change after X cycles

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I've seen this a number of times but can't explain it other than it just being a bug in Shopify's checkout. 


I've created a selling plan with pricing policies so that the first order is 50% off and then the second is 100%. That works fine in a single-currency shop but in a multi currency shop it seems to mix the currencies up and either over or under charge the customer. It's even incorrect in the Shopify Checkout display.


Below are screenshots from a checkout that I started in USD (ie my geo was the United States), when I click Continue to Shipping to go to shipping Shopify Checkout changes the values to Euros (I believe this happens because the shipping address is in Europe so the cart gets updated) and it's mostly correct EXCEPT for the recurring total. The recurring total has the amount in USD but the currency that is displayed is Euros. You can even see the contradiction bc just above the recurring total it has the correct price in Euros. 


If this was just a visual issue on Shopify Checkout, I'd be ok with it, except it also get set this exact same way in the SubscriptionContract that's created by Shopify. So all future orders will be billed an incorrect amount.


Is this a known issue?  I'm happy to help somebody recreate it (it's pretty easy). 


Here are two screen shots to demo the process I mentioned above: 

this is from the Checkout Information step:



this is from the Checkout Shipping, and all following steps:




Brian Singer
CTO & Cofounder of Subscription Service - Awtomic
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Hi @Brian_S 

I couldn't reproduce this issue both on my local environment and current production. Is this still happening?


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