Need help with adding event "subscription_billing_attempts/challenge" in webhooks in admin panel

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We are using this code

curl -d '{"webhook":{"topic":"subscription_billing_attempts\/challenged","address":"https:\/\/\/","format":"json","fields":["id","note"]}}' -X POST "" -H "X-Shopify-Access-Token: {access_token}"

Instead of {access_token} wу are using password from private app , but in this case we are getting this error: {"error":"Required parameter missing or invalid"} , what can be the cause?

If {access_token} is not a password from private app , so then where can we het {access_token}?

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Hi there!


I'm not sure if the authentication is the problem here, the error message could be suggesting that there is something else causing the issue.


In case it really is the authentication, these links might help you get to the proper token:


I hope these help you, otherwise let us know.

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