NODEJS: Shopify Webhoook Validation without an APP

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Hey guys,


I've been trying to verify my Shopify web hooks that I have set up via Shopify -> Settings -> Notifications.

I'm trying to run a webhook once an Order is paid to connect to a fulfillment provider.


However, I seem to be stuck with the first task of validating the webhook.

For those who know, I am using Pipedream to validate and test the request but I've had no luck so far.


Now for the coding part:

The key I am using to try to calculate the authenticity of the webhook is the one specified below the web hooks in Shopify -> Settings -> Notifications. 






export default defineComponent({
  async run({ steps, $ }) {
    const hash = steps.trigger.event.headers["x-shopify-hmac-sha256"];
    const body = steps.trigger.event.body

    const hmac = crypto
    .createHmac('sha256', secretKey)
    .update(Buffer.from(JSON.stringify(body)), "utf8", "hex")

    if(hash === hmac) {
    } else {









I've seen several examples working with rawBody. From what I gather this is the body (that contains = order id beneath it) as a Buffer in node.js

Therefore I have tried to convert the body, which is an object by the time I receive it, to a Sting and then to a buffer.

I tried parsing the String to the update() function, I've tried the body itself, I also played around with the parameters in update and added "utf8", "hex", separately and in combination. 

As I'm unsure whether the key found under the webhooks created in Shopify -> Settings -> Notifications I also tried using a token from a custom app and the secret etc. I just can't seem to find the right settings.

I am using an actual payload from the store to test however I am using one that's about an hour old.


Could anyone help me out here?

Thanks in advance!




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Hi Rhys,


Unless these webhooks are related to Subscriptions, I think this question would be better asked in the Shopify API and SDKs forum.

Another developer asked about webhook validation in a NodeJS context that seems very similar to yours. Have you had a look at the Accepted Answer? Hopefully it will help you resolve this problem.



To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.