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I'm interested in transitioning my store to a membership-based model, where only subscribed members can access its contents. I envision a setup where visitors are greeted with a signup page for a monthly paid subscription upon visiting the store, restricting access until they become members.


How can I achive this ? I know there are a lot of subscription apps in shopify such as Bold, Appstle.....but they only allow subscriptions to be sold as products, but my goal is to make it a sign-up form instead of a product. Even if it means just putting the email adress and card info directly on the first page. 

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Hi @Howdoibuy ,


If you want your customers to buy a membership, and get charged on a regular basis to keep their access to your store, then you're likely looking for a membership app, and not a subscription app. Membership apps generally do a better job of giving members perks, like access to your store, discounts etc...


Most membership apps (like ours, Simplee Memberships) use Shopify's subscription model, where a product must be purchased to get access to member perks. Generally you can add questions to the product page, then have customers go directly to checkout before getting access to your store. You could update your theme so that members are directed to this membership page right away, unless they're logged in with an active membership..


Bold Memberships is likely the only app that still allows you to collect a credit card on a page on your store without going through checkout. You could direct customers to this page unless they are logged in with an active membership.


In my experience, restricting access to your entire store until customers buy a membership is not a great idea. I've seen many merchants try this, only to abandon the idea. If you do decide to try it, I would evaluate the membership apps in the App Store to see which will do what you need.


I hope this helps.



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