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Hi there,


I was wondering if it is possible to offer/upsell products with a subscription option/selling plan on the thank you page after an order has been made.


Thank you.

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NVM, can close this.

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If you are looking for a clean upsell app then you can try 
Bundle Upsell & Cross Sell. This is a perfect upsell solution, most importantly it is free to install
You can check this app I think it may help you lot.

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If still you are looking for a solution to offer something post purchase,

You can check with this app :

Looks perfect for your requirement.

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This article, How to Customize Shopify Thank You Page and Make It Shine might be helpful to you. As it mentions, there are many apps can help you build your Thank You page, such as:

  •  ReConvert Upsell & Cross sell
  • AfterSell Post Purchase Upsell
  • StoreBundle | Thank You Page++

However, having a perfect Thank You page is part of having a great post-purchase experience. Consider what your customers care about after the buy button, yes, where their orders are. Compared with a thank you page builder, an order tracking solution allows you to do more things, including:

  • Proactively answer "Where is my order" questions
  • Get customers to return to your store
  • Add product recommendations to your order tracking page to increase the customer lifetime value
  • Encourage repeat business with an exclusive coupon code in shipping notifications (emails)
  • Analyze courier performances
  • Ask for reviews after delivery


If you're interested in exploring the best order tracking solutions, you may try ParcelPanel first, which is trusted by over 300,000 Shopify merchants, and rated 5 out of 5 based on over 1,300 reviews.

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