Price rule with option to target subscription products (like in admin)

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The new discount interface in Shopify Admin allows merchants to create a subscription discount which can specifically target subscription products (see screenshot below).


However, I see that the GraphQL priceRuleCreate endpoint doesn't yet allow us to specify whether the price rule should apply only on subscription products, one-time products or both, meaning that we can't create the same kind of discount via API that the merchant can create manually.

I see that there is a plan to add support for selling plans to Draft Orders in 2022 which is great and can also help us resolve our issue. However, we thought that the price rules will already have the support for selling plans, as merchants can already create a discount code for subscription orders.

Are there any plans to extend support for creating subscription discounts and discount codes via the GraphQL API?


Thank you


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@NiceTeam did you find a solution?

I am also trying to figure this out. 

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Did anyone ever find a solution to this?

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