"Too Many Messages Sent" updating customer payment methods

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We are process our declined subscription billing attempts in batches weekly.  We send an explanation email to our customers outside of Shopify, but we also trigger an Update Payment Method email with graphQL mutation customerPaymentMethodCreditCardUpdate.

We proactively pause 2 seconds between each decline that we process, however some weeks  we have a larger number of declines we will hit a rate limit and receive an error back :


[{"field":null,"message":"Too many messages sent. Please try again later."}]



Can anyone share information on what the rate limit is, or can Shopify staff chime in?  We want to stay within the rate limit, but at the same time want to process our renewals/declines as quickly as possible.



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the rate limit for the API is the same rate limit you can find here
https://shopify.dev/concepts/about-apis/rate-limits which is a query cost
of 50 points / second.