Required quantity for a subscription?

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Is there a way to enforce a specific number of products in a subscription?


I understand that a customer creates a subscription contract by adding products containing selling plans to their cart using the Cart API:


Following on from this answer:

A cart containing multiple products with the same selling plan allocation in each product, they will be merged into the same subscription contract.


But, is there a way to require a specific number of products before a subscription can be created?

For example, if they are subscribing to a build your own 6 pack. Where they are required to choose 6 bottles before they can checkout.


I can enforce this prior to adding to the cart by making my own UI making the 6-pack configurable using a theme extension. But once they're in the cart and go to the checkout, there is no way to prevent the user from removing one of these products from their cart.




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That's an interesting use case. There's nothing specific to subscriptions that supports this, but you might check out bundles. I haven't worked with bundles myself, so I can't promise anything, but I think they're worth a look. I hope this helps.

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Thanks Larry,

I have looked at this, but unfortunately selling plans aren't supported.


I also thought I could do this with a cart transformation app extension. But again, Selling Plans aren't supported.

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In Juo Subscriptions you can set minimum and maximum products in a subscription box. If you'd like to get some screenshots, email me at