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Any approximate release dates?

in your plans on this link:


the following is written:

  • Selling subscriptions using draft orders is not supported, but is planned for later this year.


But the year has already ended, and there is still no information, as well as a release.

It is very important for us, thank you for your attention.

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Hey Lafoyta,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Unfortunately, this is no longer something we intend to work on, and the documentation has been updated accordingly.


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Very helpful to know! Thanks @J-ROM 


Is the rest of the roadmap still planned? 




Brian Singer
CTO & Cofounder of Subscription Service - Awtomic
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Hi Brian, the remaining items are still planned for this year. 

Schaeken | Shopify 
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Hello @schaeken 


We have a use case for draft order subscriptions and I wanted to share it.


We close sales offline via a call center. We can currently do this with ReCharge subscriptions via the ReCharge Checkout API. Not being able to create and close draft order subscriptions for our customers is certainly a shortcoming for us with the native Shopify Subscriptions API.


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Hey there - did you ever figure out a solution for this? We do the exact same thing, and could really use a more streamlined approach.