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We are a B2B services and product company servicing office buildings. I am looking for a working combination of a bundle app that works with a subscription app, preferably Loop. Anyone? I understand the Draft api limitation by Shopify, but maybe someone has a (workaround) solution. 

Also: We need a subscription possibility that can plan delivery moments, i.e. Mondays and Wednesdays every week in stead of day, weekly intervals only. Anyone?

It would be a great help if anyone has maybe some ideas. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @TJ_OH,


As for your second question, you can use SellingPlanRecurringDeliveryPolicy.anchors

to set the delivery of the subscription to specific weekdays. For your specific example you can do something like this:


mutation {
    input: {
      sellingPlansToCreate: {
        deliveryPolicy: {
          recurring: {
            anchors: [
              { day: 1, type: WEEKDAY },
              { day: 3, type: WEEKDAY }
  ) {


Please visit for more details on Anchors and advanced delivery behaviors.





To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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thank you Juan, we will give this a try..

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Sounds like we might be able to help you out @TJ_OH with Awtomic Subscriptions. We're the most advanced subscription app especially when it comes to bundling and we have a custom batching feature that might work better for you.  


If you're interested in a demo:


Also - just a note, if you're planning on selling prepaid subscriptions, be careful with Shopify native prepaid and batching. They don't generally work out the way most merchants expect them to. 



Brian Singer
CTO & Cofounder of Subscription Service - Awtomic
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Hi Brian, 

Thank you for your reply and suggestion. We are experimenting and open to any platform, as log as we like it and it compliments our business. We have looked at (installed in configured) quite a number of apps. It seems there is always something missing for us.

We are not looking for a pre-paid solution,  but thank you. Quite the opposite; since we are a B2B service ideally we would like to operate subscriptions on an invoice base, so disconnected from payment. We run a connection with our financial system, so as long as we mark an order as paid it ends up in our financials (invoicing etc).

This seems undoable in Shopify for its Shopify Payments (PayPal and Credit Card) only (transaction based business model).   Currently we are looking into Recharge. But we are open to some sort of workable workaround in setting up Subscriptions for auto (but adjustable) repeat-recurring orders. Basically we are looking for an attractive B2B ordering system., we sell recurrent orders to businesses. (pantry services etc.) any thoughts? 

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You are mentioning that you don't want to automatically charge your customers. For this, I recommend you to try the Seal Subscriptions app (, which also has the so called "recurring invoices" mode. In this mode, the app won't automatically charge your customers. It will create a draft order, which you can then mark as paid. You can also turn off the option to send the draft order to the customer, so that you can manage this on your own.
And it is also integrated with Bundler - Product Bundles app (, an  incredibly popular bundling solution.

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Hi Tommy,

Thank you for your suggestion product. It looks good. We've installed both and are experimenting. However, I am missing a label for the subscription plans (our intervals are i.e. once a week every Mondays, or twice a week every Mondays and Wednesdays), and I have some other questions. Can we setup a meeting? Do you offer setup support?

Thank you so much,

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This is Henry from Seal Subscriptions.

You can set a label for each selling plan according to your needs. We have a video tutorial, where you can see how to do this here:
You can also set the app to charge customers on a specific day of the week, month, etc. You can watch how to set this up in another tutorial, which can be found here:
Overall, if you have any further questions, you can also contact us at

We will be happy to help you you 🙂

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