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I want to sell access to server resources. Access would be given in the form of credits; once the credits run out, so does the access.


The thing that we are looking into with the subscription contract is whether we can have an auto-renew feature where when the credits are running low, they can be renewed and not lose access to the servers.


An example would be they had 1000 credits and got down to 200, not wanting to stop access, and depending on what plan they chose, we could then top the credits back up to 1000.


Is this doable or allowed? Or is there some other mechanism that I have overlooked? 

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Hi Dugen,

This is an interesting question. We don't know what credits are and I am assuming that your app is tracking them on your end? I was thinking that your app could trigger a billing attempt  to create a transaction and an order that in turn replenishes the credits on your end, but I am afraid it might be a little tricky that we don't have the UI's built for this. Things like how is it going to look on the checkout screens, wording etc.  I don't think this use case will make sense with our current flows for subscriptions. I will document this potential use case with our team, thank you for your input.


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I have the same use case. We offer credits and I need a way to automatically renew credits when a threshold is passed (if merchant authorized it previously). Is there any way to accomplish this? Thank you.