Too many selling plan options break liquid {{ product | json }}

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Hi. I'm working on a Subscriptions app that uses shopify GraphQL.

Recently I increased the number of selling plan options i'm using from 2 to 3

when I updated my products in my production shop, it broke the website, specifically the liquid {{ product | json }} rendered to "Liquid error: internal" for the products that have selling plans.


I tried to debug it and understand what exactly causes it, and looks like when I remove ANY of my three selling plan options, the {{ product | json }} works fine.


It is very weird and also the error message is very uninformative.

In my development shop, by the way, nothing like that happened.


Please help me understand why this happens, and is there a way to debug "Liquid error: internal"?


Thank you

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Hi sophief,


I sent you a private message to request a bit more information for this particular case.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.