Re: Unable to add test credit card for a subscription

Unable to add test credit card for a subscription

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I have enabled test mode

and see the Bogus Gateway


For my app I'm now trying to create a subscription using a time-based subscription


However on the "Approve subscription" confirmation url when I go to add a TEST credit card I get


"There is 1 error

Your card couldn’t be verified because it was declined. Try adding another card."


Is there some other place I need to enable test mode on payments?


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I suspect that you are trying to set up the app charge for the store. As you are trying to add a test credit card, Shopify of course doesn't accept it.
To try out the app charge in Shopify, simply mark the app charge as "test charge" through the API when you are creating it. This will allow you to accept it even in the development store.
These is a documentation about this here:




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Thanks for the tip on the test flag.  Is it expected that it still won't accept a test credit card with that?


I used a real card and got past adding a credit card but now it says "The shop cannot accept the provided charge."


Under my shop settings/payments I have the Bogus Gateway enabled