Re: Unexpected Shopify Customer Name Change after billing attempt

Unexpected Shopify Customer Name Change after billing attempt

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Hello, I'm testing around with making billingAttempts for SubscriptionContracts and came across a strange behaviour.

After making a billing attempt with a payment method credit card that has a different name than the Shopify Customer attached to the Subscription Contract, the Shopify Customer's name will change to the same name on the payment method credit card. Is this intentional or a bug?


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Sorry I can't help you

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We have not had other reports of this behavior and it would not be intentional. Are you able to reproduce this again and share request id for which you observed this behavior? If you made any other API requests to the customer, or subscription contract before the billing attempt, that would be helpful context too. Without more information, it would be difficult to diagnose further.

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Hey @ewalker,

Thanks for the response, I was able to reproduce the error again.

Here are the steps that were taken to reproduce this error:

  1. I used Customers API ( to create the customer
  2. I used CustomerPaymentMethod ( to create the Customer's payment method where I passed in the session ID retrieved from passing in card details with a different first and last name from the newly created Customer's first and last name in the previous step
  3. I created a subscription contract for the customer using SubscriptionContract API ( and attaching the Customer's payment method id to it
  4. Then attempted to bill the customer on their subscription contract using subscriptionBillingAttemptCreate (

Additional info in case it helps, I also checked between each step to see if the Customer's First and Last name changes at any point, it remained the same up until the last step, where I attempted to bill the customer.

And how do I get the "share request id"?

Let me know if there's anything else you need aside from the share request id.

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Not sure if this info helps, but it looks like the default address gets updated on checkout/subscription billing attempt to the card/billing info used. I looked in the customer that experienced this, clicked "Manage addresses" and I see the old/previously set name and address

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This is kind of crazy - but we are experiencing the same thing that @KTNinja described. Any updates @ewalker ?

Brian Singer
CTO & Cofounder of Subscription Service - Awtomic