URGENT: Payment mandates immediately and automatically collected upon order creation

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We had a merchant this morning sell about 4,300 orders, all of which were sold under a fixed selling plan with $0 up-front and the rest due some weeks in the future.


Immediately after each checkout, Shopify exercised all the deferred payment mandates on those orders and charged the customers the full amount remaining. The merchant now has thousands of customers who were expecting to be charged later but were instead charged immediately.


We have not seen this behaviour before.


Here are the details of a few of those orders. Note that the line items have a selling plan properly attached, and all the orders have a vaulted payment method. Some of them were sold through Shopify Payments, and some through Paypal.






Full list of orders affected is available, please contact me.


Please advise as soon as possible. We built a preorder app to handle the deferred payment use case, and checkout unexpectedly behaving in this way breaks the very core feature we are providing. Charging customers immediately when the expectation was set that they'll be charged much later deeply breaks the trust between this merchant and thousands of their valuable customers.


As a partner to both Shopify and the merchant, we need to be able to provide a clear and detailed explanation to the merchant around what happened. I'm hoping that someone from the team responsible for Selling Plans will reach out as soon as possible.





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Hi DenisZ,

Just send you a private message, let's collaborate there.

Thank you!

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hey man, have you found a solution for this , because i'm facing the same issue with the payment mandate mutation