We developed a free Shopify app but Shopify keeps on rejecting for not using subscriptions api

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We've developed a Shopify app for our platform. Those who are already using our services will be able to sell their courses through their Shopify store if they use our Shopify app. This app is completely free and Shopify is yet rejecting for us not using Subscriptions api .
We tried to talk to the support team yet they refuses to share the exact point. 
Much appreciate it if anyone can support me with this.


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Let me see if I can help. If I understand correctly, you have developed an app that allows the buyer to buy a good or service on a recurring basis, with recurring payments. Is that right? If so, the app has to use the Subscriptions API, as stated in https://shopify.dev/apps/store/requirements#specific-requirements-for-certain-app-configurations (you may have to scroll down a bit to find the subscriptions section).

If that doesn't explain it, maybe you can provide more specific information as to why you don't think the requirements apply to your app, and I can try to give a better answer.

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