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Hi there.

We are attempting to build a connector to sync Shopify customer data into a CDP (customer data platform). One of the critical bits of info is a customers current subscription status, e.g.  are they an active subscriber, lapsed subscriber or never had a subscription. We need this data from ALL apps (e.g. recharge, bold, smartrr) not just our own app (which is the CDP sync tool).

So we cant use the Customer.subscriptionContracts as that is only in the context of the single app. 

We can use the Customer.productSubscriberStatus property that includes status from all apps (as we understand it).

However we have the issue as we want to use webhooks for customer/updated topic and this property is not included in this payload as the webhook payload looks like the REST payload, which does not include that field. We can reach out to Shopifys GraphQL API when we receive the webhook, but that seems a bit silly and risks API limit errors. 

Is there any way to achieve this?

This raises a more general point, if Shopify wants to release new features only as GraphQL apis, how can we use webhooks to subscribe to changes on those events?


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Hello. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I can certainly understand your concern.

I have raised, in our internal frustration tracker, both your specific concern about the subscription status, and your general concern about the data in webhooks versus the API.

In the meantime perhaps your work-around is your best option, and if you have rate limit problems raise it with our support folks. That might increase the visibility of your concern.

Let me know if I can be of any more help.

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