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Just a quick question surrounding custom themes. I have a potential build that will be multiple Shopify Instances but using the same theme. 


My concern is that let's say I have 13 Shopify sites that have been duplicated from a master one and need to push some CSS updates will I need to do that 13 times or is there a way that it can be centralized and all sites use a global theme? 


I could not find any documentation surrounding this scenario so any help would be much appreciated.


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I'm currently facing a similar dilemma.
I wanted to create a main theme and any updates will be passed to multiple stores, turns out that if you use GitHub to manage the theme then any change you make to code, etc.. will automatically appear on your other storefronts.


However, the new issue I'm facing is the configs are being shared amongst all stores. so say I create a headline that says: "Welcome to my shoe store" This shows for all my stores perhaps my other stores aren't shoe stores but I want it to say "Welcome to my sock store" instead.