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2.0 collapsible tab theme block code needed

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Hi all

I use the Atlantic theme (updated for 2.0) however they didn't include the collapsible tab theme block, only a few basic options. It is the feature I was most looking forward to and had set up all my metafields accordingly... so a bit gutted it's not included.  Have reached out to authors but they replied that will look as a future update :(. I've searched for a coding solution I can add myself (as comfortable doing this) but no luck so far. 

Would love if anyone could assist or point me in the right direction. 

To be clear, I do not want product tabs or to use apps to achieve this.

Basically I want it to function like Shopify Dawn theme collapsible tabs... so i may have to swap to this though prefer to stay with my current theme if possible, with a slight tweak. 

Thank you! 

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The collapsible tabs could be ported from the Dawn theme. I could do that work for you. Turnaround 1-2 days.

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