2nd image on hover for variants displayed as products on collection page {Dawn 7.0.1}

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Hi Everyone,


I used this tutorial to display all my variants as separate products on collection page and it worked wonders, everyone else seems to be charging for this: https://alanryan.dev/tips/color-variants-collection-page/


However, these variants when hovered upon don't show the 2nd image and just zoom in the first one. Any help?

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Hello @sdsahil 


As I see you are using the code to display all the color variants of a single product on your collection page.


Because this code shows an image of a product variant for each card and we can only attach one image per variant, there will be no second image. https://prnt.sc/214Ly-qzwAq9

This code doesn't seem to get the 2nd image for the card. https://prnt.sc/MDg_2d7Pf5CD

So the "Show second image on hover" option doesn't work. https://prnt.sc/mxuF9BycpcGC


I hope my information can be useful.
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 Thanks for your reply, I checked the “show 2nd img on hover” box under customise theme and now the variant card shows 2nd product img but this still isn’t  satisfactory because ideally it should show 2nd variant img.


Any suggestions?


 There’s a pattern to images for every product that I follow: 7 images per variant (color)

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Thanks so much for the link to this tutorial - just what I have been searching for:)