3PL won't ship a payment pending order for a B2B customer on payment terms

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Hoping someone can help me. We just launched a new shopify store and many of our customers are B2B clients. To launch our company our sales reps will mainly be dropping off orders and by default we're giving our B2B customers 30 day terms. Its easy enough to setup the orders with the payment terms but they are not flowing into our 3PL's system. they have told us its because they are marked as "unpaid."  Should this be a barrier to fulfilling orders and can anyone suggest a workaround? They suggest we manually entre each B2B order into their system but the challenge with that is that whena customer evntually pays for the order its going to feed into their fulfilment system and get re-shipped.


Just wondering how other B2B sellers manage their fuiflment processes with customers they give payment terms to.


We have the basic plan - not sure if that means anythig.

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