4 Levels of Nested Menu?

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Hi all,


Looking for a way to have 4-level menus. I know Shopify by default only lets you have 3, and I haven't found any apps that mimic the Shopify menu layout (which I like!). Is there any apps you can suggest or is this something someone with more coding experience could do for me?


My website is www.isabelsplace.ie - I just want all the product categories under one "Shop" heading so there's less going on in the main menu.


Thank you!


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Hey @isabelsplace!

You could try the Meteor Mega Menu app, which provides 3 tier mega menu templates (4 tiers including the top level navigation titles). You can see some examples of this on our demo sites here. Specifically, you would want to look at the Solar, Stardust, and Amazon templates which all support 3 tiers.

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