A name record error Not working despite correct IP

A name record error Not working despite correct IP

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i keep getting this weird error but it is using that exact IP for the a record under DNS settings, what can i do to resolve this issue? 

Open your domain provider's DNS settings for bigmoodlighting.com and set its A record to the IP address



I set the name to my domain that i have purchased also so I am not sure why i am receiving this error please help me.


These are my current settings and i have purchased my domain through shopify



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Remove the record from your first screenshot for 'www'. 


In your second screenshot, everything is set correctly, but in your first screenshot, you shouldn't have an "a-record" for the 'www' version of your domain. The 'www' version should only have a CNAME record with value "shops.myshopify.com". 


With that said, I can confirm that when I go to your domain (bigmoodlighting.com) -- it does point to your Shopify store's password page, with an SSL certificate assigned. So I would double-check to see if you're still getting the error, before making the above change, as it may have sorted itself out. 

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