Abandoned Cart Emails for Different Checkout Options

Abandoned Cart Emails for Different Checkout Options

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Hello Shopify Community,


We hope this message finds you well. We are currently facing an issue with our abandoned cart email automation on Shopify, and we are seeking insights and expertise from the community to help resolve it.

**Issue Overview:**
We have configured abandoned cart emails using the Shopify Emails app, and it's working seamlessly for checkouts initiated through the standard Shopify checkout page. However, we are encountering difficulties when it comes to abandoned checkouts from alternative checkout options:

1. **COD (Cash on Delivery):** Integrated using a third-party app called COD Upsells & Cross Sells.
2. **Razorpay Magic Checkout:** Utilizing the "Pay Now" button for a quick checkout experience.
3. **Shopify Checkout:** Direct checkout from the Shopify cart.

Currently, the abandoned cart emails are only functioning for checkouts initiated through the Shopify checkout page. Unfortunately, abandoned checkouts from the COD Upsells & Cross Sells and Razorpay Magic Checkout are not triggering the email automation.

**Shopify Support's Recommendation:**
After reaching out to Shopify Support, they suggested seeking assistance from the Shopify Community, as this seems to involve technical aspects and potential code modifications.

**How You Can Help:**
We kindly request insights, guidance, or possible solutions from the Shopify Community, especially from developers who may have experience with similar scenarios. Here are some specific questions we have:

1. Are there any specific code edits or configurations required to enable abandoned cart emails for checkouts initiated through third-party payment gateways like COD Upsells & Cross Sells and Razorpay Magic Checkout?
2. Has anyone successfully implemented abandoned cart email automation for multiple checkout options, and if so, could you share your experience or any tips?

We greatly appreciate your time and assistance in helping us resolve this issue. If there are any Shopify Experts in the community who specialize in this area, we would also be open to discussing the possibility of having this task handled on our behalf.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Best regards,

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