Abandoned Cart Emails not Sending

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Our abandoned cart emails aren't sending and we are unable to figure out why. Perhaps an app is conflicting with it? Was wondering if somebody could provide technical support with this issue. Thanks in advance. 

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Hi @Toptoys2u,


Please double-check if you've enabled sending abandoned checkout emails automatically.


To check it, please navigate to Settings from your Shopify admin > CheckoutAbandoned checkout emails



If it's not the case, please consider the following circumstances where an abandoned checkout email is not sent:
- The customer creates more than one abandoned checkout in a row

- The customer completes a sale before the recovery email gets sent

- A payment processing error occurred when the customer tried to complete their checkout

- Your shop does not support shipping to the customer's address

- The customer only enters a phone number at checkout

- None of the products in the checkout are available for purchase

- All the products in the checkout are free, and the customer does not visit the shipping page to add a shipping fee or the shipping fee is also free.


Please refer to this Shopify document to learn more about it.


I hope it helps.