Accepting in-app payments from customers

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We're looking to build out an app that would offer repair services to a stores customers (e.g. repairing a ripped seam in a pair of trousers).


As the customer would need to pay for the repair, we need to find a way in which we can accept payment from the customer within our app. We could get the merchant to create a custom product that the customer would then buy before using our app, but the user experience would be clunky and we wouldn't have full visibility over the customers entire journey.


It's not clear from the Shopify docs how we could do this, or if we are actually allowed to do this (i.e. would this be in breach of the Partners agreement). Our problem is additionally complex as we'd like the money from these payments to go directly to the merchant rather than to ourselves (the app developers).


Would anyone be able to provide any suggestions on how we could implement this? Could we use any of the Shopify APIs or would we need to use a third party like Stripe?


Thanks in advance!

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