Access alt-Text of images placed in meta object

Access alt-Text of images placed in meta object

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In the following code the alt-text of the image does not appear: the meta-object does not have value in the "referenz.image.alt". Is there any way to get the alt-text in a similar way? And YES: the images saved in the meta-object have an alt-text!


{% assign referenzen = shop.metaobjects.referenzen.values %}
{% for referenz in referenzen %}
  <div class="image-item">
    {{ referenz.image
      | image_url: width: 1420
      | image_tag:
        loading: 'lazy',
        class: 'masonry-card__image'
  <div class="image-caption">{{ referenz.image.alt | escape }}</div>
{% endfor %}


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In your code, if `referenz.image.alt` is not returning the alt text, it might be due to how the image object is structured within the `metaobjects`. To access the alt text, ensure that the `image` object in `referenzen` actually contains the `alt` attribute. Alternatively, consider using a different method to fetch the alt text, possibly by accessing the image details through Shopify's API or checking if there's a different attribute in the `metaobjects` structure that holds the alt text.

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Yes, at this point I'm sure the `image` object in `referenzen` does not contain the `alt` attribute. Also, I could not find any information on the structure of metaobjects suggesting that the alt-text of images can be accessed via a specific attribute... 'referenz.image.alt' was my best guess. Is there any other way to get the alt-text via the image URL from 'referenz.image'?