Activating the personalization for gift card recipient

Activating the personalization for gift card recipient

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I have the DEBUT theme and I have tried to follow the steps 

1.From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.
2.Click Customize next to the theme that you want to customize.
3.Find a gift card product.
4.In the Product information section, click the Buy buttons block.
5.Select Show recipient information form for gift card products. If this option isn't displayed, then your theme doesn't support the the gift card recipient information form feature.
6 Click Save.
Make sure that your gift card notifications contain the new recipient fields. If you've previously modified these templates or included additional languages, then you need to add the fields manually.


I cannot find step 3   Is my theme not compatible,  Is there a work around with coding.  I am not a coding expert 

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I'm having the same issue with Debut.

I can't find a list anywhere of supported themes to verify, but it seems we may not have access to that function.   Help Chatbot wasn't helpful.  Which is annoying, since it makes gift cards a lot more usable for my business.


I'm certainly NOT changing my theme unless it can be verified that the new gift card functions work in it.

Might not change it even then.  I'd love to use it but it's not worth hours of staff time to fix everything a new theme might break because we had some customizations.

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To be clear - mine failed in Step 4.  I navigated to our existing gift card product and there is no "In the Product information section, click the Buy buttons block."  The product information is one big block, the buy buttons are on that page, and there is no editing or setting change option when I click on that block.

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I believe the problem is Debut does not have access to that feature because it is not a 2.0 theme. If you want to have that feature you can move to a 2.0 theme like Dawn or there are many apps in the app store like iziGift (shameless plug, I do own this app) that can add that functionality to your store. Hope that helps.

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It should look like this... Notice I created a new template for this and previewing the gift card (upper left). But also using a 2.0 template. 

0B387772-98A2-4651-B45B-BCC7A07CAFE2.jpegStoreYourBoard-·-Customize-StoreYourBoard-4-4-1-Expanse-Theme-·-Shopify-Plus (2).png