Add 3D Models to Debut Theme in product pages & home page

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I am using the Debut theme and I have created 3d models in the appropriate .glb format and kept the file size under 15mb. I am able to upload the media successfully to the products. I am running into a 2-fold issue. Each of my products have at least 1 option, sometimes more resulting in worst case 96 Variants. To start, I'll have one 3D model to represent all of the variants as largely the difference is only color. Eventually, I will create all of the variants but its quite time consuming (unless of course someone knows of a way to have the .glb file live update based on options selected like color).  


Because I am going to only start with a single 3D model to represent all variants, I would like to show only that model as an alternative thumbnail in the product viewer for all variants. Right now, the thumbnails are all hidden b/c I don't want all 96 variants to be shown in the images below.  Ideally, this additional code could be flexible enough where once I have all of the variants created I can easily have the appropriate 3D model be the alternative thumbnail to the shown variant. 

Lastly,  I would LOVE to be able to add these 3D models to the home page and therefore need a way to embed these 3D models into that page.

My shop is and I can send whomever all of the native source code if needed.




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Did you manage to put 3D models into your product pages? I can't see them. 


I think you will need to upload your theme and insert a special code