Add a flag button on the header which redirects you to a translated website

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Hi everyone,

I have translated my website with Translate my store app manually. The thing is now I have the link but i dont have the option on the main page to swap language.

I would like to add for example a flag on the header next to the "cart! button and I have looking for a solution to code and I have found the below code that I could use but not sure where to add it. Im using the Minimal theme.
Would anyone know where I could add this code in which section or after which "div" or knows a similar code that I could add somewhere?

<a href=""><img src=""; /></a>

I really would appreciate this help

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Hi there,

You can try adding the code to Theme >> Sections >> header.liquid, like the image below. Actually I am using Etranslate app and they put the code of switcher there. I am not sure only the a tag will work as you want. May be you can consider to try adding others.




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I can see you have solved your issue. Could you help me with that, I would like to have that the same as you do.

Thank you!