Add a hidden product to a shopify order when customer check out

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Hi all.


My accounting software needs to receive a "packaging 

" product to accurately account for my packaging stock In woocommerce every-time a customer checked out it auto added a hidden product called "packaging" into there order. They never saw it. How do I do this on Shopify?



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You could potentially run catch a webhook anytime order is placed and automatically edit order (by adding one item of your choice). You could set that up using this app: DataJet

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Potentially a more sophisticated answer (and MUCH later answer) than you're looking for but we built an app that won't just add "A Package", but the right package to each order. You'll need to configure the packaging dimensions as well as your items dimensions and we'll automatically add the appropriate package to each order after it's placed. I'll include a video setting it up and demonstrating below!


Link to the app:


Here's a quick demo video: 

Putting Custom Packaging and Order Inserts back in the Merchant's hands!